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An innovative model home – Kunnonkoti

The Finnish society’s and individuals’ interest is that everyone could live at home as long as possible. Kunnonkoti has been operating since 2009 to demonstrate the physical accessibility and safety of homes in Southwestern Finland. In Kunnonkoti you can get ideas on how to improve your own living environment. You can also test assistive technology which makes your occupational performance in everyday activities easier.

Kunnonkoti offers
● Professional advice
● Guidance tours
● Seminars, theme days and training
● Design service for accessible housing

Research, development and innovation are also a part of Kunnonkoti. Cooperation with the 34 exhibitors at Kunnonkoti is also active.
Kunnonkoti is open for everyone. The largest groups of visitors are professionals and students from the health care, social and construction fields. There are approximately 2500 visitors a year. Kunnonkoti is also a learning environment for TUAS students. They learn in a concrete way about accessibility in different study units, projects and assignments, for example by doing their practical training or Bachelor’s Thesis in Kunnonkoti.

Contact information:
Telephone: +358 40 3550 523